The Abattoirs School - Pooraka Primary
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Health Policy

At Pooraka Primary School the health, happiness and well being of your child is important to us.  We ask that you keep us informed on any issues that may affect your child.


In the event of a child being either ill at school, or involved in an accident, the following procedure will be followed:

Minor Ailments - basic first aid care and monitoring of student in the First Aid Area

Serious Ailments/Injuries - the school will contact the Parent/Caregiver to pick up the child from the school. The emergency contact, which could be a relative, friend or neighbour will be contacted if the Parents/ Caregivers cannot be reached. 

Extreme ailments/injuries - The child will be taken to the local doctor or sent by ambulance to hospital for treatment.

All First Aid treatment is recorded on forms, which are kept in the First Aid Area.

It is important that emergency contacts and phone numbers as well as Parent/Caregiver phone numbers are kept up to date so that the school is able to contact you in case of emergency.


Students requiring medication during school hours need to have a medication plan completed and signed by the doctor. No other medication can be administered.

The school encourages parents to talk to their doctor to try and make medicine administration times to be before and after school if possible. 

Students with any medical conditions ie: Asthma, Diabetes, Allergies are required to provide the school with an up to date health care plan completed by their doctor. It is advisable that these plans are updated annually.


A School Dental Clinic Enrolment Form is available from the front office. The School Dental Clinic is located at: Gepps Cross Primary SchoolStanley Avenue,  Blair Athol ph:8260 4853 Children from this school are eligible for FREE dental treatment.

CYH (Child & Youth Health)- Child & Family Health Division 0-12

As part of CYH services to young children, the CYH nurse visits preschools, kindergartens and Child Parent Centres to provide Health checks on vision, hearing, height, weight and general development.  This health check is important to children in order to give every child the opportunity to reach his/her educational potential.

If your child did not receive this health check prior to starting school,  please ring your local CYH office on:8282 2922 to arrange an appointment.