Parents - Information for Families

Information is provided here regarding school procedures. If you have any specific questions, its best to contact our front office staff. They have a wealth of knowledge about our school and who the best person to help is.


In the event of a child being ill at school or involved in an accident, the school will follow these procedures:

  • Minor ailments are treated and students monitored in the First Aid Area in the front office. All treatments are recorded by staff administering.
  • Serious ailments or injuries - the school will contact the family to pick up the child from school. The emergency contact could be a relative or friend to be contacted when the family cannot be reached.
  • Extreme ailments and injuries will be referred to an ambulance for assessment and possibly to hospital for treatment.

It is important that emergency contacts and phone numbers as well as family phone numbers are kept up to date in case of emergency.

Students requiring medication during shcool hours need to have a health care plan completed and signed by a doctor. No other medication can be administered by the school. We encourage parents to talk to their doctor to try and make medicine administration times to be before and after school if possible. Students with any medical condition such as asthma, diabetes or allergies are required to provide the school with an up to date health care plan completed by their doctor. These plans need to be updated annually.

Children may contract a number of contagious diseases, infections and viruses during their school life. It is important that families advise the school if their child has a contagious disease so that the school community can be notified. Information regarding guidelines on how long children should remain away from school can be found via Health Direct or SA Health. The school office staff can also help.



Pooraka welcomes parent and community members to volunteer in classrooms and programs in the school. If you are interested in volunteering in our school, please contact our office staff to enquire about our next volunteer training session.

Volunteers Policy.pdf

Volunteers Agreement.pdf

Uniform and Dress Code

Our governing council has ratified the School Dress Code Policy. Our students are required to wear our dress code of navy and red. Students are require not to wear t-shirts with inappropriate logos, tank tops, brief tops, as well as excessive jewellery, tattoos, make up and nail polish. Class teachers follow up issues relating to uniform and Leadership regularly check all classes for uniform compliance.

Dress Code (2015).pdf


Families are required to send a note (a phone call or verbal explanation is also acceptable) to the class teacher stating the reason their child was absent or late. Families are required to sign their child in or out of school if leaving during the day. Students must have a letter of consent to leave the school grounds at any time. Teachers or the school counsellor will follow up any regular patterns of absence to support families and students in attending school.

Atttendance (September 2013) .pdf

Grievances and Complaints

Complaint Policy.pdf 

Digital Technologies and Internet

Pooraka Internet Access Agreement.pdf

Pooraka Internet Users.pdf

Behaviour Management

The school has a comprehensive behaviour management and bullying and harassment policies. Classes use a step/warning process and out of class time out system. There are slips  to notify parents and keep track of student behaviour. Our Code of Conduct has been developed to support students in monitoring their own behaviour.

Student Behaviour Management 2015.pdf

Code of conduct.pdf

Bullying and Harassment Policy 2015.pdf