Teaching & Learning - Intervention

The Learning Support Team is a group of teachers and Student Support Officers (SSO's) who provide additional support to students R-7. Special Education, English as a Second Language, Aboriginal Education, First Language Maintenance and Development and Early Intervention form the foundation of programs that support learning improvement. Members of the Learning Support Team connect with class teachers throughout the year to plan for individuals and groups of students. Some of our special programs include support with social skills, co-ordination, literacy and numeracy development, cultural identity, first language and student well being. 

Some of our students benefit from specialised support to fully develop their learning potential. Identified students from R-7 are supported by class teachers, SSO's and outside agencies. These include:

speech development

co-ordination programs that target gross motor skills

social skills programs

literacy and numeracy programs

hearing support

Depending on the needs the support can be for an extended period of time or for a short time to target a particular area of growth.